Demand-side Subsidies for Energy Access: Guidelines for the design of responsible subsidies in off-grid solar and clean cooking

September 12 to December 6

Demand Side Subsidies (DSS) are an essential tool for governments to achieve SDG 7 and ensure ‘no one is left behind’ on the path to universal access. When designing a DSS, there are several key design components policymakers must consider to ensure that programs efficiently meet their target outcomes, as well as support the development of sustainable markets. This webinar series, organized by the End User Subsidy Lab series will guide us through the key elements of designing demand-side subsidies. Each webinar will concentrate on a specific topic with the aim of translating challenges and lessons learned into guidelines and best practices. All four webinars will take place at 3pm EAT with a duration of 75 minutes and are targeted to all industry stakeholders, public and private, dates as follows:

Webinar 1: September 12
Targeting: Designing subsidies to prioritize the most vulnerable

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Webinar 2: October 19
Eligible Products & Calculation of Subsidy

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Webinar 3: November 15
Delivery Models for Subsidies

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Webinar 4: December 6
Exit Strategy

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