GOGLA members-only Webinar: DRECs

June 6, 16:00 to 17:00 CET
GOGLA members are invited to attend a private webinar on June 06 at 3pm CEST as we delve into Distributed Renewable Energy Certificates (D-RECs) and how they can support market development of the DRE sector.

A D-REC is a specialized market instrument, acting as a high-impact verification label for Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) issued as I-RECs, for electricity generated from Distributed Renewable Energy Projects in the Global South.

GOGLA members should attend the webinar to:

-Learn about the current D-REC market development, the certification, verification and monetization process.

– Understand how the off-grid industry can participate in the global environmental market and the motives of D-REC buyers

– Hear from Manuel Seiffe, Co-founder and CEO at Mpower, who will share the perspective of a DRE project developer

– Get a preview into initiatives for future D-REC market development and expansion.

D-RECs attest to the socio-economic and environmental benefits of the clean energy produced, enhancing the value and credibility of the underlying DRE projects. Managed by the D-REC Foundation, D-RECs facilitate the mobilization of climate finance towards DRE projects, supporting their contribution to sustainable development and energy access.


Stuti Dubey, Executive Director | The D-REC Organisation
Gian Autenrieth, Senior Advisor Renewable EnergyŃâ╗Co-Lead D-REC Initiative | South Pole
Manuel Seiffe, Co-founder and CEO | Mpower

Members received a registration link via the GOGLA members briefing.

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