Webinar: End User Subsidy Lab – Productive Uses of Renewable Energy (PURE)

May 15, 15:00 to 16:30 CET

GOGLA invites you to attend our upcoming webinar End User Subsidy Lab: Productive Uses of Renewable Energy (PURE) – Webinar Series – Part 1 on 15th of May 2024. 

Although PURE markets are still nascent and limited experience exists in the delivery of subsidy programs, subsidy-based programs are seen as to play a critical role in building the market and enabling companies to reach more people with a wider array of off-grid solutions, i.e., solar water pumps and solar fridges. 

At a time where a growing number of stakeholders are in the process of designing and conceptualizing demand-side subsidy (DSS) programs aiming to accelerate the scaling up uptake of PURE appliances, gathering lessons learnt and sharing knowledge seem a necessary step to improve the design and implementation of ongoing and future DSS programs. 

The webinars will aim at stimulating the needed discussion and sharing knowledge that can play a key role in designing and implementation of smart PURE DSS programs within the context of nascent markets. While the first webinar will look at ideation and conceptual framework of current DSS programs, the second webinar will look at showcasing experiences and lessons learned for existing models.

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Sarah Alexander (SNV) – Global Technical Advisor, Off Grid Electrification 

Abhishek Jain (CEEW) – Fellow and Director, Powering Livelihoods

Hack Stiernblad (SunCulture) – Chief Growth Officer

Oliver Reynolds (GOGLA) – Senior Manager, Markets Insights and Data

Moderated by:

Carlos Sordo (GOGLA) – Senior Project Manager for Productive Uses of Renewable Energy (PURE)