PURE Dialogues—Chapter 1—Jharkhand

February 21, 04:30 to 11:45 CET

GOGLA, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Committee Industrial Insulation (CINI), and Sustain Plus, is organizing a policy dialogue on February 20-21, 2024.

This serves as a platform for an open and informed exchange of views among diverse stakeholders, including representatives from policymaking institutions. The two-day event aims to provide sector representatives with an opportunity to address issues related to the production and use of renewable energy, seeking support from government departments. This inaugural event, part of a series focusing on different geographies, intends to remove obstacles and garner policymaker support for the sector.

GOGLA urges governments and development partners to take deliberate actions to catalyze PURE markets and unlock the potential of PURE technologies to achieve development goals. Praviin B Kumaar, South Asia Regional Representative and Karsan Reddy, Program Officer for the South Asia Region, will represent GOGLA at the event, to discuss best practices to develop policy and other actions geared towards creating an enabling environment.

On February 21 at 13:30 PM, Praviin B Kumaar will moderate a panel discussion on ‘Ensuring quality benchmarks for the DRE livelihood sector.’ The conversation will focus on topics such as benchmarks and testing methods, the need for common standards, and possible near-term solutions for the sector.