Renewables in Mozambique 2023

November 24, 01:00 CET

Renewables in Mozambique 2023 will be the meeting point for the main national and international stakeholders and specialists in the renewable energy sector, who will share the most relevant news on the sector’s development over the past year. The conference scheduled on November 24 2023, will cover a range of topics, including the business and investment climate, regulatory framework and reforms, investment opportunities, and access to financing. The event is also geared towards accelerating private sector investment in the renewable energy sector (including off grid solar technology) in Mozambique

The off-grid solar sector plays a crucial role in realizing universal energy access and empowering underserved communities. Patrick Tonui, Head of Policy and Regional Strategy will represent GOGLA at the conference, advocating for impactful policies, programs, and investments.

At 10:00 am, during the coffee break, Patrick Tonui will speak at a side event, discussing some of the findings from the climate change position paper titled “Off-Grid Solar: Combating Climate Disaster in Mozambique,” which was drafted in collaboration with AMER (Mozambican Renewable Energy Association).To learn more about the program and registration, click the link below.