Demand-side Subsidies for Energy Access Webinar 2 | Eligible Products & Subsidy Level

October 19, 15:00 CET

The End User Subsidy Lab (EUSL), a joint initiative among partners ESMAP/Lighting Global, GOGLA, Energising Development (EnDev), and the Clean Cook Alliance (CCA), is a platform for pooling knowledge, technical expertise, and funding for demand-side subsidies (DSS). This webinar series organized by the EUSL will guide us through the key elements of designing demand-side subsidies programmes to facilitate the implementation of overarching energy access strategies. Each webinar will be 75 minutes with the main objective to support in-depth dialogue and discussion around lessons learned, challenges, and ‘how to’.

The second webinar focuses on how to calculate a market-informed, responsible subsidy, and the specification and selection of eligible products. We will explore data sources and methodologies that can best support measuring affordability gap/ ability and willingness to pay, choosing products, and setting appropriate subsidy levels to avoid market distortion.

Key questions we will discuss include: What subsidy level is necessary to fulfil the intended objective of the DSS scheme? How does the subsidy level relate to the adopted subsidy targeting strategy? How can different business / pricing models be taken into account when calculating the subsidy to ensure a levelled playing field? This webinar, moderated by the Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA), will engage in discussion around the benefits, pitfalls, guidance, and takeaways to subsidy design, and will showcase the experience of relevant practitioners.

Join us for this rich experiential discussion.

When: Thursday, October 19 at 3:00 pm EAT/ 2:00 pm CEST/ 8:00 am EDT

Find more details on the webinar series here.