Webinar: The role of data in improving performance of PAYGo companies

March 20, 16:00 to 17:30 CET

GOGLA, in collaboration with Bboxx and MFR, will host its first Consumer Experience Initiative (CXI) webinar, focusing on the role of data in improving the performance of PAYGo companies.

Explore data strategies for better performance, and gain insights from industry experts on improving consumer satisfaction and industry performance in the Off-Grid Solar sector.

GOGLA launched the Consumer Experience Initiative (CXI) on Feb. 27th 2024. The initiative aims to improve consumer satisfaction, industry performance and investor confidence in the PAYGo model used by off-grid solar energy companies.

Under this initiative, we would like to invite you to a first Webinar to share learnings from:

1) MFR, a rating agency which supports GOGLA in implementing the PAYGo Perform Monitor. Notably, in 2023, GOGLA and MFR have led a cohort analysis pilot with a sub-set of PAYGo companies which provided great insights into how data available to PAYGo companies and benchmarking can be used to better inform companies’ practices.

2) Vasco Mergulhao a researcher PhD candidate at University College London (UCL) conducting a research project in conjunction with BBOXX. His first paper How do they pay as they go?: Learning payment patterns from solar home system users data in Rwanda and Kenya was published in October 2023 in Energy for Sustainable Development. His data analysis highlighted that more tailored contract terms may be needed for different clusters of PAYGo customers.