Future of the Carbon Market

The carbon market is more than a market for trading emission certificates: certificates raise climate protection investments above the economic viability threshold within the market conditions of the host country. The Foundation "Future of the Carbon Market" aims to demonstrate that this is also the case for credit-based programmatic mitigation projects and thus to encourage private investment in developing countries.

It provides start-up finance based tradable emission certificates. The Foundation intends to promote individual Programs which build capacities that are of value for national climate policy development. The future of the carbon market belongs to those mechanisms which support and encourage sustainable climate policies in host countries.

The Foundation defines three funding priorities: Start-Up Finance – The Foundation supports pre-financing needs of technologies that contribute to reduced emissions. Examples of pre-financing are investment subsidies and/or price discounts on solar water heaters, efficient cookstoves, energy-saving light bulbs, etc. Pre-financing is required until the sale of verified emission reductions enables these technologies to be self-financing. The maximum start-up support is €2 million.

Applicants must be in an advanced state of planning and preparation and, in the case of CDM PoAs, as a rule are already registered with UNFCCC.



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