GBE, EOI for companies using a Fee-For-Service model

In June 2017, German Development Minister Gerd Müller launched the Green People’s Energy initiative (Grüne Bürgerenergie, GBE). The project supports the development of decentralised renewable energy systems in rural regions of Africa with the involvement of local stakeholders and private investors. In addition, the project promotes local value creation and the productive use of energy and social institutions, while also creating employment opportunities. The initiative covers 9 countries, including Benin. More information can be found on the website

GBE Benin is a EUR 4 million€ project, running for 3 years, from 10/2019 to 09/22. Out of the five components of GBE Benin, one is dedicated to electrifying social institutions, focusing on long-term sustainability. To this end, they are launching a Call for Expressions of Interest for companies using a Fee-For-Service model (or similar long-term payment schemes) for stand-alone solar systems, interested in operating in Benin. Through this call, they hope to gain an overview of the global experience with such a model and the interest for implementing such a model in Benin.

The deadline for receiving applications for this expression of interest is 31 March 2020. After this date, no applications will be accepted for this phase.  More information can be found here



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GBE will be able to support individual companies settling in Benin and use the feedback from private companies to improve the current regulatory framework. If enough interest is expressed by the private sector, GBE would be open to launching a Results-Based Financing mechanism to disburse incentives for the electrification of social infrastructure through Fee-For-Service models in Benin.

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