Global Partnership on Out-Based Aid (GBOPA)

The Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) is a partnership program housed in and managed by  the World Bank Group. Through a diverse portfolio of projects, GPOBA provides innovative financing solutions that link funding to actual results achieved.  GPOBA funds, designs, demonstrates and documents output-based aid (OBA) and results-based financing (RBF) approaches to improve the delivery of basic services in developing countries. 

Large development projects too often fail to include the very poor, and GPOBA is dedicated to making sure the poor and marginalized have access to energy, water, sanitation, healthcare, education and other basic services necessary for growth and opportunity.

GPOBA’s funds are results-based payments (i.e. subsidies, reimbursements) to facilitate the piloting of innovative, small-scale projects that bring together public and private sector funders to maximize resources, and design effective incentives for service providers to reach underserved low-income communities. As part of  its knowledge generation work, GPOBA produces publications, videos, and podcasts, and organizes workshops and conferences to help identify, disseminate and document emerging knowledge on RBF, OBA and related topics. 



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