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Grameen Shakti (GS) is a social enterprise founded by Nobel laureate Prof. Mohammad Yunus, with an aim of improving “Access to Energy” in rural Bangladesh. GS works with solar solutions ranging from Solar Home Systems to appliances, and even started operating in the Electric Vehicle/Electric Rickshaw battery market. So far they have installed over 1.8 million Solar Home Systems (SHS), 35,000 Bio-gas plants, and disbursed 1 million Improved Cook Stoves.

To leverage and optimize its experience in energy sector, GS recently established a new “Consultancy & Knowledge Practice” branch. The initiative focuses on 3 different aspects, (a) Project conceptualization and build-up for probable scale-up  (b) Knowledge sharing and capacity building  and (c) Partnership with researchers and members of Academia for action research. GS has worked in projects like Eco-village Development or EVD, an integrated socio-economic development concept, in which existing villages are taken as the smallest unit for integrated climate action through introducing Renewable Energy solutions.

In 2017, GS jointly won the “Smart Peer-to-Peer Solar Grids for Rural Electrification & Empowerment” project under United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), which is supported by 1.000.000 USD grant. This project aims to  develop a sustainable business model for pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) Solar power systems through pilot testing of SMART grid, including around 3000 households, as well as introduce Productive Energy Use (PEU) appliances in these grids.

GS is continuously looking for partnerships around Renewable Energy Technology for the social benefit.




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