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The GOGLA Impact Working Group has used the best available research to develop a set of metrics that companies and investors can use to estimate the impact of their businesses or investments.

Updated in September 2018, the metric framework covers a range of off-grid solar technology sizes, from solar lanterns to large solar home systems, as well as seven thematic areas: energy access, economic activity, income generation, kerosene use and CO2e reduction, light availability and quality, energy spending and financial inclusion. The GOGLA standardized metrics also form part of the official IRIS catalogue, an initiative of the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN).

To ensure the work of the group is relevant to the entire sector, it invites all stakeholders to participate in the group – from impact investors, to distributors, manufacturers, donors and academia.

GOGLA members can access member-only documents, including workplans and meeting summaries, on this page in our member section.


17 Jun

Annual Member Conference AGM

What's going on

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Working group leads

Nabeela Khan

Co-chair, Impact Working Group

Susie Wheeldon

Research Advisor



Industry Opinions

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