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The impact working group has developed a set of metrics that allow for sector wide harmonized calculation and thus aggregation of impact for solar lights. The impact framework also forms part of the official IRIS catalogue. Going forward, the group seeks to strengthen the framework and add metrics that cover the impacts generated by larger systems, such as solar kit and solar home systems. To ensure the work of the group is relevant to the entire sector, it invites all stakeholders to participate in the group – from impact investors, to distributors, manufacturers, donors and academia.

GOGLA members can access member-only documents, including workplans and meeting summaries, on this page in our member section.


21 Jan

Global Off-Grid Solar Forum and Expo

What's going on

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Working group leads

Kat Harrison

Chair - Impact Working Group

Paula Berning

Co-Chair - Impact Working Group

Susie Wheeldon

Research Adviser, Socioeconomic Impact



Industry Opinions

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Anna Wells, GOGLA Senior Communications Adviser