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  • In the second Q&A of our investor series, GOGLA speaks with Kat Harrison, Impact Associate Director at Acumen. Kat joined Acumen from another GOGLA member, SolarAid, where she created and grew the research and impact measurement activities to be a resource for the off-grid energy sector, now housing some of the most comprehensive data on energy access in rural Africa.

  • For any market to evolve and progress, information and insights are critical. The off-grid energy sector is still such a nascent market that there is even more opportunity to learn and develop for those working in technology design, supply chain management, sales, and distribution.  

  • As I write this sentence there are 10 million people benefiting from the solar lights made available by our social enterprise in Africa. SunnyMoney have sold 1.7 million lights in total – which isn’t bad for a small business owned by a charity, operating in one of the most difficult markets in the world.