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Two of Europe's leading online impact investing platforms have joined forces to significantly improve off grid energy access in Sub Saharan Africa.

Dutch based Lendahand, one of the few online impact investors focused on emerging markets, and UK based Ethex, a non-profit social impact savings and investment platform from the UK, have jointly set up a dedicated platform where SHS providers can attract flexible debt funding under the Energise Africa initiative. Currently, the Energise Africa portfolio consists of several Gogla members including: BBOXXAzuri TechnologiesNewLight AfricaSolarNow and SolarWorks! - who together have enabled over 15,000 households to Energise their homes with clean electricity generated by the sun. 

UK aid and Virgin Unite are also supporters of Energise Africa and will provide, among others, match funding to co-invest alongside the UK crowd.



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It is always Lendahand's intention to establish a funding partnership that surpasses the initial contract of 2 years. The use of funds can be split in 2 categories, where in house structuring capacities allow us to provide tailored solutions: 

  • Flexible working capital facility. This is typically a €500,000 - €2,500,000 notes program for companies with ongoing working capital needs

  • Tailored receivables financing. Here the typical total issuance amount is €1,000,000 - €5,000,000. It is made for financial institutions or companies with a need for financing of their loan assets. Our structural asset financing instrument (off-balance sheet financing) falls in this category

For both facility types, partners can choose per tranche within that facility what the ideal maturity is between 6-48 months. This allows for better alignment of assets and liabilities and offers flexibility that is highly valued by our current partners.

Technical or other assistance

Assistance in setting up and finding suitable hedging solutions and access to our network of other international funders (both debt and equity) 

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