Liberian Energy Network (LEN)

LEN is providing reliable, clean, inexpensive solar lighting to the people of Liberia, where currently no one has access to reliable electric power. Following 14 years of a brutal civil war the country is one of the poorest on the planet. With access to affordable and reliable electric power comes change and development, improving individual Liberia’s health, education and the Liberian economy. Since 2010 Liberian Energy Network (LEN) has been using a shared value approach to achieve a rapid deployment of solar energy in Liberia. LEN's business model is built upon high volume low margin sales to customers at the Base of the Pyramid. In addition to working with individuals and the Liberian government, LEN is building a network of civil society organizations which are operating successfully throughout Liberia. While structured as a non-profit corporation in Liberia and the US, LEN acts like a for-profit business, selling small scale solar lights and phone chargers approved by the World Bank Lighting Africa program at a price point to cover its costs, allowing LEN to push as much value as possible into the hands of Liberians.



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