Lighting a Billion Lives

Lighting a Billion Lives© is a global initiative to facilitate clean energy access and the delivery of last mile energy services for basic and productive use. The initiative enables energy poor communities to transition from traditional and inefficient energy sources to modern, more efficient and sustainable energy solutions. Operating through an entrepreneurial model of energy service delivery, Lighting a Billion Lives© accelerates market development for clean energy technologies through knowledge sharing, capacity building and market seeding.

Lighting a Billion Lives© launched on-ground operations in 2008 with a revised mission of reaching a billion people across the globe – through the development of innovative delivery models and the creation of unique partnerships across the energy access value chain for a self-sustaining market led energy access ecosystem. The programme offers diverse technology options based on affordability and end user requirements such as, solar lanterns, solar charging stations, micro grids, improved cookstoves, independent home lighting systems and integrated domestic energy systems that address both lighting and cooking energy needs in a single unified system.



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Under its entrepreneurial model of energy service delivery, the Lighting a Billion Lives© programme establishes and incubates local energy enterprises as last mile delivery vehicles that bring together social and commercial approaches to create an enabling market environment. The model integrates stakeholders across the energy value chain, identifies the nature of their interest (commercial/social) in the provisioning process, and aligns these to create synergies that make the solar solution more relevant and affordable to the end user. The programme has collaborated with stakeholders across the board including central and state government agencies, multi / bi-lateral organizations, grass root level partners, sponsors, technology manufacturers, local energy entrepreneurs and end users.

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Lighting a Billion Lives operates on an entrepreneurial model of energy service delivery to support economically poor rural communities devoid of electricity supply.

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