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Third Wave Power

What is the name of your organisation? Third Wave Power Pte. Ltd. What is its mission? To empower off-grid and partial-grid customers around the world with decentralized and affordable solar powered lighting and energy solutions. Where is it based? Singapore, India, Africa When was it created? 2011 Who is the… Read More

Harness Energy

1. What is Harness Energy’s mission? To provide affordable clean energy to low-income Pakistanis and play a leading role in helping Pakistan achieve SDG 7. 2. Where is it based? Pakistan 3. When was it created? 2016 4. Who is the CEO? Muhammad Shehryar 5. In which region/s are you… Read More

Metsec Cables

Metsec Cables’s mission is to provide their customers with integrated energy solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and consistent excellence in execution, ultimately delivering sustainable growth and profitability. Q&A Where is it based? Nairobi, Kenya When was it created? 1990 Who is the CEO? Hemal Doshi In which region/s are you… Read More

Zuwa Energy

Zuwa Energy has taken last mile distribution of productive household solar energy and appliances to the next level and is on a mission to end energy poverty in Malawi and the neighbouring countries. As a second generation pay as you go company, we apply a B2B model on the supply… Read More


WTS LLC is a USA based sustainable technology company. Our core technology is a 2,100W solar thermal concentrator which provides a ROI of 3-6 years when offsetting heating fluids with electricity. The first commercialization of our technology is a product called LEMA™ Water (Video). LEMA™ Water allows a… Read More


Villageboom Germany was founded in 2010 with the mission to make solar light so affordable so that every off-grid household can afford it. Villageboom develops and manufactures its own solar lamp, the Villageboom High Power solar light, and has just launched the 6th product upgrade. Since 2010 we have been… Read More

Usafi Green Energy

Usafi Green Energy’s mission is to be the leading clean energy alternative provider solutions in Africa and to the refugee camps. Usafi Green Energy is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.  Q&A Where is it based? Kenya When was it created? 2020 Who is the CEO? Brian Oiro What feature do… Read More


Upya has developed an innovative and low-cost CRM software for Last Mile Distributors across Africa. The software is designed to help distributors manage, streamline and scale their operations, by enabling them to focus on last-mile distribution and client relationships while keeping IT costs low. It offers powerful in-app communication features… Read More

Taatisolar Namibia

Taatisolar was established in 2017 as a Dutch-Namibian joint venture. The company is importing and distributing Solar Home Systems (SHS) and DC solar-powered appliances to off-grid markets in Namibia and aspires to expand into neighbouring countries. Its business model is aiming at financial sustainability with a developmental social impact. It… Read More

SunTransfer Kenya

SunTransfer Kenya (STKE) is a proudly indigenous off-grid solar company in Kenya with a bold mission – transforming rural lives and livelihoods through quality solutions and services. We are driven and inspired by the challenge of making quality solar energy accessible and affordable to over millions of households and SMEs in East Africa. At the core… Read More