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Angaza is a complete business solution for distributors of life-changing products like solar home systems, water pumps and cookstoves. With Angaza, over 200 distributors have sold over 2 million devices to consumers, with the potential to unlock market access to the 1 billion off-grid and unbanked consumers. Angaza’s technology comprises… Read More


Agsol manufactures leading edge solar powered agro-processing machines for off-grid farming communities. Our village-scale machines process the most important staple foods into edible and higher value food products – maize flour, milled rice, grated cassava. They are super-efficient, robust and smart, and replace dirty diesel mills or laborious manual processing. Read More


Baobab+ was launched in late 2015 by Microcred Group, a digital finance company focusing on financial inclusion in Africa and China.  Baobab+ was created to distribute innovative non-financial products to improve and transform daily lives of African people in order to enable a sustainable economic development. Baobab+ is… Read More


SureChill is a unique cooling technology that can improve the lives of billions. It keeps life-saving vaccines and food perfectly cool and doesn’t need a constant power source or require a rechargeable battery. It’s driven by nature using water and ice, enabling freeze-free cooling at a consistent 4 degrees. Q&A What… Read More


SunCulture makes smallholder farming households more productive by selling them affordable smart solar powered water pumps and customized irrigation systems, bundled with ongoing support and financing. SunCulture… Read More

Solar Sister

Solar Sister knows women are a key part of the solution to the clean energy challenge. Centering local women in a rapidly growing clean energy sector is essential to eradicating poverty and achieving sustainable solutions to climate change and a host of development issues. This is why Solar Sister invests… Read More


Unlike the widely used kerosene lamps or candles, whose smoke and soot pollute the environment and expose users to significant health risks, lighting products powered by renewable energy are non-polluting, and therefore clean and safe for human health and the environment. Meanwhile, by the fastly growing technology reformation, more affordable… Read More

Dharma Life

Dharma Life is a social impact enterprise working to improve the quality of life in rural India through a holistic women entrepreneurship model that provides low-income households and individuals at the last mile with livelihoods, awareness and access to socially impactful products and services. Dharma Life identifies aspiring women, trains… Read More

Daystar Power

Daystar Power is a leading off-grid power service provider, offering hybrid power solutions to commercial and industrial businesses in West Africa. Daystar Power’s solutions “Solar-as-a-Service” (100% solar power) and “Power-as-a-Service” (hybrid power solutions with battery storage) provide clean and reliable power while significantly reducing clients’ overall power costs. Read More

Azuri Technologies

Azuri is a leading commercial provider of PayGo Solar Home Systems for rural off-grid homes. Azuri has integrated mobile technology with solar energy to turn a development challenge into a business solution. With users in 12 different countries across East and West Africa that now have access to clean, affordable… Read More