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ACOB Lighting Limited

ACOB Lighting Technology has a business model entails a wide array of areas including prepaid electricity sales through solar hybrid mini-grids, productive use of energy to boost mini-grid utilization, deployment of electricity infrastructure for a wide array of customers, streetlight infrastructure deployments as well as general EPC contracting… Read More

Cool Lion Energies

DIRECT IMPACT PARTNERS (Operating under the brands: COOL LION ENERGIES, COOL FACTORY)  is a specialist in Côte d’Ivoire active in the construction, assembly and provision of storage infrastructure and refrigerated storage powered by clean energy. The company provides a wide range of solutions in different sectors, in particular agriculture, agri-food,… Read More

Jahweh Power Systems

Jahweh Power Systems manufactures and sells integrated solar and battery technologies. What is Jahwah’s mission? To provide Off-Grid power technology to people with no power and make Solar technologies affordable. Where is Jahweh Power Systems based? Nigeria When was it created? 2023 Who is the CEO? Abiola Louis Duro-Emanuel In… Read More


Eja-Ice is a solar powered refrigeration and cold chain services company. What is Eja-Ice’s mission? To work closely with food producing communities, processors and retailers to Mitigate food loss, reduce GHG emissions and sustain business profits through solar powered cold chain. For fisherwomen; to enable financial inclusion through asset acquisition… Read More

Nimbus Solar Solutions

Nimbus Solar is focused on accelerating the process of driving India towards becoming a global leader in solar energy. Equipped with the latest components in the industry and backed by modern technology, they house a wide range of solar products in an original and novel way to deliver autonomous electrical… Read More

Suntaeg Energy

SMART SOLAR SOLUTIONS – ECONOMICAL, RELIABLE, AND SUSTAINABLE Customized solution according to your needs; Payment facilities; Installation included; Remote monitoring and local technical support available. What is Suntag Egenergy’s mission? Suntaeg Energy is a young, high-tech, innovative and inclusive Senegalese company, dedicated to expanding universal access to smart and efficient… Read More

Oríkì Energy

Oríkì Energy is a for-profit social enterprise focused on the distribution of Pay-as-You-Go Off-Grid/standalone solar systems for Productive use in Africa. What is Oríkì Energy’s mission? Oríkì Energy strives to democratize access to the world’s best social impact solutions. Where is it based? Nigeria When was it created? 2021 Who… Read More

ennos ag

ennos ag is an organization committed to developing pumping technologies that are affordable and suitable for farmers and communities. What is ennos ag’s mission? ennos ag aims to promote the use of CO2-free, economic solar pumps that combine income, productivity and labor-saving benefits and a more sustainable use of the… Read More


IBRIZ is a solar technology company focused on the productive use of solar energy in agriculture. What is IBRIZ’s mission? IBRIZ empowers smallholder farmers, particularly women, with solar water pumps to boost crop yields and fight climate change. Our digital platform manages assets and tracks carbon offsets, showcasing our dedication… Read More

All Solar Lights

All Solar Lights Ltd provides high quality off-grid lighting and phone charging solutions for the 2.4 billion people without electricity across around the world. Our basic solar kit has been approved by the World Bank and incorporated ino their Lighting Global Program. Our products use leading-edge LED technology making them… Read More