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Members' Testimony

At GOGLA, we are proud of our members and proud to represent them. Find out what some of our members had to say about GOGLA below.


"Being part of the network of the best informed and most influential actors in the sector, I genuinely believe that GOGLA has done a fine job of serving the mini-grid and off-grid community".
Andrew Reicher, Business Angel Investor and Individual GOGLA member


“GOGLA is really important for building the sector. As an industry we’re still establishing ourselves and figuring out how to talk about ourselves - GOGLA is central to coordinating the way we do that. We also appreciate the work that GOGLA’s doing to make the case for the industry as a whole, including with national governments whose policy choices don’t necessarily reflect the huge potential of off-grid solar for energy access”.
Audrey Desiderato, Co-Founder & COO of SunFunder


“I think GOGLA provides an excellent forum to become or be an active part of the off-grid energy sector – it brings with it opportunities to meet, discuss, share and support one another. With that comes opportunities for improving effectiveness, increasing credibility, and identifying partnership opportunities. The off-grid energy sector is still a nascent space, but it’s growing, building momentum and is increasingly being recognised as a place to contribute to the achievement of development goals, as well as a place for the private sector to grow”.
Kat Harrison, Impact Associate Director at Acumen.


“I have found GOGLA to be a great resource for better understanding the issues being faced by entrepreneurs across sub-sectors and geographies. As we expand our portfolio in the energy sector, it is helpful to have an understanding of key pain points for scale, whether related to local laws and regulations or nuances in customer behaviour, among many other things. It’s helpful to have an organization bringing entrepreneurs together to share these types of issues and work together to solve them”.
Lauren Cochran, Director of Private Investments at Blue Haven Initiative.