ACOB Lighting Limited

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ACOB Lighting Technology has a business model entails a wide array of areas including prepaid electricity sales through solar hybrid mini-grids, productive use of energy to boost mini-grid utilization, deployment of electricity infrastructure for a wide array of customers, streetlight infrastructure deployments as well as general EPC contracting

ACOB Lighting Technology is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.¬†


Abuja, Nigeria


Emmanuel Ibanga

We contribute to universal energy access through the provision of clean electricity supply to rural and marginalized communities in Nigeria.

We provide smart standalone C&I solar systems for small businesses and MSMEs  in various market clusters around Nigeria. These systems are designed and deployed to efficiently meet their demand, eliminate the need for petrol generators and reduce customer carbon footprint.

These systems are remotely monitored through a central CRM platform that offers key functionality in monitoring customer techno-economic data in real time.

Through strategic alignment and access to key partners, especially financiers and donors, capacity development opportunities etc.