Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF)

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Driven by our mission of enhancing a prosperous and enterprising rural Africa, AECF invests in businesses that have the potential to disrupt markets, stimulate new industries and create markets where none exists. We work where others will not; invest in emerging, post-conflict and transitioning states to create new markets and funding businesses to scale their operations for underserved and hard to reach populations. However, this cannot be achieved alone. AECF forges strategic partnerships with investees and key stakeholders to leverage knowledge and resources to improve lives in rural Africa.

Since 2010 AECF has accelerated access to affordable off-grid energy by providing financial and technical assistance to innovative and scale businesses working to enhance the livelihoods of Africa’s most marginalized communities. In our Renewable Energy portfolio, we have attracted US$131 million worth of funding, invested in 78 businesses in 14 countries, impacting 6.6 million people across sub-Saharan Africa. By 2023, AECF will reach 12 million people with off-grid energy across sub Saharan Africa.