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Angaza is a complete business solution for distributors of life-changing products like solar home systems, water pumps and cookstoves. With Angaza, over 200 distributors have sold over 2 million devices to consumers, with the potential to unlock market access to the 1 billion off-grid and unbanked consumers. Angaza’s technology comprises pay-as-you-go metering and monitoring technology for products like solar home systems and solar water pumps with a cloud-based platform that enables the sale of any product, from solar home systems, clean cookstoves, mobile phones, and more.

Angaza allows best-in-class device manufacturers and last-mile distributors of off-grid energy products to expand their customer base and access data-driven market insights. Angaza’s partners can launch their pay-as-you-go program today without the investment of building and scaling the necessary technology.

For distributors, the Angaza platform comprises the Hub — a customizable, web interface that manages all aspects of a pay-as-you-go distribution network, and the Activator — a smartphone app that facilitates distribution sales operations in the field. Combined, the platform gives powerful, actionable insights into how to optimize product distribution, grow sales, and build lasting relationships with clients.

For manufacturers, Angaza has multiple options to integrate field-tested, smart, pay-as-you-go metering, and monitoring technology into solar home systems and household devices.

Keycode technology – Angaza’s Keycode technology is a low-cost activation technology that allows for activation keycodes to be sent directly to the end customer and removes the need to collect payments in person where mobile money is accepted.

GSM technology – Angaza’s GSM technology is a two-way communication technology that relies on the global cellular network to transmit data between the device and the Angaza software platform.

Angaza offers an open-source device protocol called Nexus, enabling manufacturers to easily create and manage a wide range of interoperable pay-as-you-go devices. This is accomplished by having a single, universal repository for storing device identity and device state, independent of product manufacturer and software platform.

Based in San Francisco and Nairobi, Angaza’s platform supports distributors in 50 countries around the globe, with concentrations in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.