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ARESS is beyond being a company the answer to a question of meaning of life: Contributing to bring an added value in the African challenges such as youth unemployment, access to energy and climate change. Since 2012, we offer high quality solutions and bring hope to every home we power. ARESS is a Benin-based company specializing in the installation and distribution of certified products and services. Our activities are divided into four areas: the distribution of existing solutions (pico and SHS), the management of solar stores throughout the country in order to bring our solutions closer to end users and local communities, training and development, and monitoring PPP investments.

We have successfully promoted thousands of pico and SHS, trained over 200 solar specialists and managed the installation and commissioning of 7,000 solar street lights, 53 minigrids and 50 solar water pumping systems. We collaborate with all types of partners: government, TelCo, NGOs, PTF, institutions, etc. which gives us a broad scope of our vision of the socio-economic and cultural impact of access to energy. Since we are very involved in the SDG, more than half of our team are women. We are the first French company in West Africa to develop the pay-as-you-go solution from pico systems to larger solutions (more than 4 kWp). Our solutions are dimensioned to enable the development of companies thanks to available energy, and affordable.