Azuri Technologies

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Azuri is a leading commercial provider of PayGo Solar Home Systems for rural off-grid homes. Azuri has integrated mobile technology with solar energy to turn a development challenge into a business solution. With users in 12 different countries across East and West Africa that now have access to clean, affordable solar-powered products.

Azuri Solar Home Systems have a significant impact on customers’​ lives and the environment, eliminating the hazards of kerosene lamps and providing modern services for rural consumers, including lighting, radio, TV, and smartphone charging. Working with leading local partners and a network of in-field agents, Azuri delivers a high-quality experience, from the initial product installation to on-going personal support to its customers as they make their repayments.

Azuri’s unique approach to technology has received a range of accolades including the Gold Edison Award for HomeSmartâ„¢, the first use of artificial intelligence in small domestic Solar Home Systems, the UNFCCC Climate Change Award, and the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award. Azuri’s dedication to product quality and on-going improvement has ensured its distinctive position in the market.

Founded in 2012, Azuri’s HQ is located in Cambridge, (U.K.), with substantial regional offices in Africa, including our East African HQ in Nairobi and our West African HQ in Lagos. For more information, please visit the website.