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Baobab+ was launched in late 2015 by Microcred Group, a digital finance company focusing on financial inclusion in Africa and China.  Baobab+ was created to distribute innovative non-financial products to improve and transform daily lives of African people in order to enable a sustainable economic development. Baobab+ is developing access to energy in West Africa (Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali) and Madagascar, through classical loans for Microcred clients or through Pay-As-You-Go model to make the solar products accessible to all. Our ambition is to provide clean, affordable and reliable energy to people living off-grid by offering them quality products with adapted financial solutions. Baobab+ works with different partners willing to improve social and environmental impacts in the countries.

Baobab+ is also working on access to pure water and access to digital in providing to its clients innovative water filters and digital educative tablets.