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BETAPAWA SOLUTIONS LIMITED deploys AI-enabled plug-and-play solar-powered pods which provides clean electricity to >500 households per deployment. Users track their energy consumption, and pay for energy consumed via a mobile app & USSD (pay-you-go tariff-based model), and have access to digital products such as loans, insurance, and asset financing.

Betapawa is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 

To create technology that enables affordable and reliable energy access for everyone in Africa.

Lagos, Nigeria



West Africa

At Betapawa, we are clean energy and financial access to the last mile. Our flagship product, BetaPod, is a plug-and-play IoT-enabled containerized solution that provides solar-powered electricity for up to 500 households.Our integrated mobile app allows customers to track their consumption, make payments, and have access to digital products. We leverage AI to analyze consumer patterns and match consumers to partners providing integrated value-added services, such as loans, insurance, and asset financing.

Our pods provide clean energy to SMEs and off-grid households, accelerating energy access and deepening financial inclusion. Our B2B partnerships allows our clients to access digital services based on the smart meter consumption data and payment for these services are made via these meters as well.

GOGLA membership offers us invaluable access to industry insights, networks, and credibility, enhancing our business’s visibility and reputation within the energy access sector. Participation in GOGLA’s advocacy efforts and capacity-building initiatives enables us to stay informed about regulatory developments, build our capacity, and contribute to sector-wide growth. Ultimately, GOGLA membership presents opportunities for market expansion, collaboration, and impactful engagement, positioning our business for accelerated growth and increased positive impact in underserved communities.