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Safe, affordable, and clean energy for all – This is what we, at BRIGHT, work for every day!

BRIGHT is a Norwegian solar product company catering to anyone who needs to be less dependent on the electrical grid, whether by choice or by living in off-grid or bad-grid communities. Our expanding range of multifunctional solar lamps and home systems with charging capabilities are built to endure harsh conditions.

Our products are durable, functional and beautiful – firmly rooted in Norwegian design. Advanced solar technology and rigorous field testing of electronic components and materials create the foundation of lasting, multifunctional, rugged and portable solar products with high product endurance, low total cost of ownership and minimum waste.

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Oslo, Norway


Vidar Eskelund


BRIGHT is a creator that cares – a technology company working to promote new possibilities in off-grid areas. Considering sustainability as the core of our business, we focus on developing our compact, long-lasting, and high-performing products with three pillars in mind: renewable energy, repairability and waste reduction. Our ready-to-go lamps and plug-and-play home systems are designed so that they can be easily used by the end-users without or with basic on-site installment.

We want to build a better world using the tools at our disposal by providing access to renewable energy for everyone. Through close collaboration with both commercial partners and the humanitarian sector, we have delivered more than 3.2 million lamps to 44 countries around the world, impacting the lives of more than 13 million people. In the future, we aim to widen our impact through larger and stronger collaboration to bring our products to the people who need them the most.

GOGLA’s business-to-business and networking events and workshops help BRIGHT to stay in contact with other stakeholders and partners in the solar energy sector and to be updated about industry insights, challenges and opportunities. As a GOGLA member, we can have our impact measured in a standardized and widely accepted method. GOGLA is also a useful platform for BRIGHT to increase our visibility and credibility through the leading global off-grid solar industry association.