Cello Solar

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Cello Solar is a UK based company dedicated to bringing modern high quality solar powered lighting, electrification and entertainment solutions to remote regions of the world where electricity supply is either regularly disrupted or non-existent.

Cello Solar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cello Electronics, a UK electronics brand that has been designing, manufacturing and distributing products in the UK for more than 20 years.

Through ongoing research and development, our mission is to continually strive for greater innovation to meet the changing demands of consumers and distributors throughout the off-grid markets of the world.

Off-grid consumers are typically located in isolated parts of the world where rough roads and difficult terrain provide the only means of access. For this reason, Cello products have been designed and built for reliable operation in the most extreme of environmental conditions.

Also, we understand that product financing is a key prerequisite to success in low-income areas. Therefore, Cello Solar TVs come with all the recognized pay-as-you-go platforms already built-in.

Amongst other market-leading solutions, the Cello Solar TV System is a world first. With its lean and innovative design, it’s the most cost-effective Solar TV system on the market – built for reliability and high efficiency.