Clamore Solar

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Our mission at Clamore Solar is to champion viable and sustainable energy solutions to meet the growing African demand. Our desire is to contribute to Africa’s development as a whole. We value the freedom that efficient service and quality product delivery brings, and the uplifting of living standards to the most rural of communities that come with efficient energy & product supply. Clamore Solar will accomplish its mission by developing meaningful relationships within our own  organisation, NGO’s, government and our clients.

Our promise – “We will look after YOU!”

Our business proposition – “Trust us to deliver!”

Clamore Solar is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 


Harare, Zimbabwe

Started operations in 2006

Tafi Chikwakwata

Southern Africa

On the strength of our experience and professional think tank, comprising experts in engineering, marketing, and energy, we provide professional custom energy solutions to the most challenging problems and projects. Among our products and services are renewable energy solutions and general energy merchandise products.

We offer solutions in energy management, productive use energy, Energy As-A-Service, energy efficiency training, and more, not only for the individual but also for corporate, NGOs, and funded turnkey projects.
All our solutions are based on new concepts in the fields above. To this end, we partner with some of the world’s leading minds, brands, developers, and companies to achieve a highly professional and reliable service.

Working with GOGLA will help Clamore Solar to strengthen its core ethos, building productive and sustainable relationships that allow us to achieve our goal of developing building, and delivering quality energy products and services.
Leveraging on these relations, Clamore Solar’s growth plan can be leap-frogged forward.