Consistent Energy Limited

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Our mission is to create access to energy for 1 million beneficiaries by the year 2030 for productive uses leveraging solar energy.

Consistent Energy Limited is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 


Lagos, Nigeria


Dr. Segun Adaju

West Africa

We deploy stand-alone, rooftop solar power for SMEs, rural households, and communities with a focus on productive uses. We make solar affordable for the base of the pyramid customers through our lease to own or pay as you go, business model. We create energy access for the underserved and hard to reach, off-grid communities who are not served or underserved by the grid. Our financing model also create affordable and reliable energy through clean technologies

By creating an opportunity to network with industry players and share experiences. We have benefited from the capacity-building programs of GOGLA through the Powerup Network and also capacity-building training programs. We want to access more of such. Also in the areas of standards, incentives, and financing.