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DIRECT IMPACT PARTNERS (Operating under the brands: COOL LION ENERGIES, COOL FACTORY)  is a specialist in Côte d’Ivoire active in the construction, assembly and provision of storage infrastructure and refrigerated storage powered by clean energy. The company provides a wide range of solutions in different sectors, in particular agriculture, agri-food, industry and commerce and has been awarded the best small-scale infrastructure innovation company by the African Union Development Agency.

Our mission is to become the leading provider of infrastructure solutions for post-harvest losses in Africa, particularly those utilizing renewable energy sources.

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West Africa

COOL LION occupies a unique position in the “cooling-as-a-service” sector by integrating solar cooling technology with innovative financing options, targeting the underserved market of small scale agriculture.


  1. Solar-Powered Solutions: Specialization in deploying solar-powered refrigerated containers and solar refrigerated cooling systems, providing pre-cooling and cold storage solutions in urban and rural communities alike.


  1. Innovative Financing Models: a unique range of finance solutions to make cold storage accessible for smallholder farmers, cooperatives and SMEs. This approach taps into rent-to-own, PAYGo (pay-as-you-go), and pay-per-use (pay-as-you-store) models, all streamlined through digital solutions.


  1. Focus on Smallholders: Targeting a significant gap in the market by focusing on 250 million smallholders across Africa, who are severely underserved due to the lack of small-scale energy infrastructure and affordable payment solutions.


COOL LION ENERGIES specializes in offering innovative cooling-as-a-service solutions meeting the needs of smallholder farmers’ cooperatives across Africa. Our comprehensive approach integrates clean energy access—leveraging solar and hybrid power—with digital solutions to address the pressing need for efficient cooling infrastructure in the agricultural sector and beyond.

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