Image for COPERES

COPERES’ mission is to meet the challenge of the development and promotion of renewable energies in Africa and particularly in Senegal, for that we need a strong and innovative local private sector. Their ambition is to support the government of Senegal to increase the contribution of renewable energies to more than 30% by 2025.

COPERES in figures :

  • 6 years of existence
  • 40 members and more than 30 requests under evaluation
  • 400 billion FCFA of investment (i.e., 0.7 billion €)
  • 330 MW of installed production capacity (2020)
  • 400 Kilograms of Tonnes of CO2 avoided / year
  • 500 Senegalese technicians trained
  • 1000 direct and indirect employees created
  • 1 solar equipment test center set up

COPERES has included in its roadmap, a certain number of priority points among which: training research and innovation.