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Deciwatt manufacture remarkable renewable energy products that convert human effort into electricity.

Our latest product ‘NowLight’ allows users to create light and power by pulling on a loop of plastic cord. Users can generate up to 20 Watts of input power. One minute of pulling on the cord generates up to 2 hours of light, or enough power for a 15-minute mobile phone conversation.

NowLight can also be charged using a solar panel or from USB power sources. This allows users to make the most of sunlight and grid electricity when they are available, but crucially they do not have to rely on them.

NowLight is especially valuable to users who live in areas that experience low levels of sunlight or where solar panels may be particularly vulnerable to theft.

Deciwatt were also the manufacturers of ‘GravityLight’, an LED lamp powered by gravitational potential energy. We have been recognised by Fast Company magazine as one of ‘The Most Innovative Companies in The World’ and have won numerous awards for our products including the prestigious D&AD White Pencil.