Devabits Green Energy Ltd

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Our mission is to improve energy access to rural off-grid households.

Deevabits Green Energy is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.



David Wanjau

East Africa

Our uniqueness is the successful creation of a purpose-driven community of Village Solar Entrepreneurs VSEs. We recruit women and youth in rural communities where jobs are scarce and support them to become Village Solar Entrepreneurs (VSEs) earning competitive commissions distributing solar products. We currently have more than 400 VSEs in 8 counties.

Our business model is inherently a virtuous growth engine that goes beyond a mere solar product category and enables expansion of the business along both geographic and product offering axes. Solar products serve as a starting platform for addressing unmet needs for power in these remote villages, but other much-needed essential products, such as cell phones, can easily be integrated into the lean distribution-VSE-PAYGO model.

GOGLA can help us improve our investor readiness, get access to investor networks, and learn from peers.