Devidayal Solar Solutions

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Devidayal Solar Solutions focuses on design, development and sales of solutions in the distributed renewable energy (DRE) cold chain space. We believe in collaborating with different stakeholders and use of productive-use appliances like solar refrigerators to create and build livelihoods.


Mumbai, India


Tushar Devidayal

Asia and East Africa

Our flagship product is a Solar DC refrigerator available in different capacities. Our company works on the basis of verticalization strategy where we provide customised cold storage solutions to different segments based on their needs & requirements. The major segments in the rural market which we focus on are local dairy value chains, Kirana stores/ General stores, Fisheries segment, Veterinary vaccines, and finally all perishable products whose shelf life can be increased, and quality can be retained by our solution.

GOGLA can support us by creating standardised impact (social, economical & environmental) matrix for Solar appliances (Solar DC refrigerator)