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DGridEnergy is a US-based social benefit company. Its overall mission is to provide alternative energy solutions that expand businesses, grow communities and enhance livelihoods. We are particularly active in the field of solar refrigeration.

Our first product is the Solar Cool Cube (SCC), a modular highly efficient solar-powered walk-in refrigerator with a 20 m3 capacity and sets of standard and optional capabilities not found in other commercial products. The SCC is an all-weather, industrial-quality appliance for off-grid locations. It is manufactured in the US and shipped in all-you-need kits to be assembled, serviced and maintained locally. It can be easily disassembled and moved to new locations, if necessary. The system is able to cool a load of products and keep it at 3 °C ( and lower) with a constant outside temperature of 38 °C and relative humidity of 80%The SCC uses various energy options: 100% solar (with ten 315 W solar panels), hybrid grid, battery storage and other alternative energy options.  Optional features include video display screen for training, public interest and/or advertising signage, smart-enable applications for remote operation and mobile payment as well as LED lighting, cell phone and computer charging capability.

The SCC is primarily designed for small businesses, farmers, dairy and fishery cooperatives, morgue, hospital, health clinics, military use and its internal space can also be organized for rental of cold space by businesses, community users and others.