DWR Offshore

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DWR Offshore is a renewable energy technology and project developer based in the UK. Using the run of the river or ocean tidal flow, DWR’s game-changing Floating Instream Tidal and Solar (FITS) power plant technology can guarantee clean renewable baseload energy 24/7 365 days of the year. Using a hybrid of technologies, the FITS Power Plant solves the current issues of baseload energy access for urban towns, off-grid communities, and cities in close proximity to rivers or the ocean with the ability to reduce carbon emissions. DWR is deploying a 200 kW FITS Power plant Pilot Project in Yangon Myanmar this year and shall supply power to a local area reliant on an unstable grid coupled with reliance on diesel generators for power generation. DWR estimates 1 FITS unit will have a green impact of 415mTCo2 e/year.