Energy Private Developers (EPD)

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Energy Private Developers is a legal professional association regrouping all private companies operating in energy sector in Rwanda. Its constitution and articles have been published in official gazette of Rwanda (Official Gazette No 41 of 13/10/2014). EPD is one of the associations composing the Chamber of industry under the umbrella of the Private Sector Federation (PSF) of Rwanda.

The Private Sector Federation is a professional organization, dedicated to promote and represent the interests of the Rwandan business community.

The Energy Private Developers association focuses on advocacy of its members, encouraging good collaboration and partnership among members and attracting foreign companies and investors to work with local companies.

Specifically, the objectives of the association are:

  1. To become a forum of partnership and development in energy cluster in Rwanda,
  2. Advocacy of private entities operating in energy cluster by harmonizing collaboration among themselves and public/private institutions.
  3. Sharing experiences and good practices
  4. Enhance national & international cooperation in order to acquire advanced knowledge, new technologies and new partnership with foreign companies and investors to develop energy cluster in Rwanda,
  5. Perform any other activity related to energy cluster non-prohibited by the law of Republic of Rwanda.