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Founded in 2011, Fosera is a leading German manufacturer of high-quality Pico-Solar-Home-Systems designed for rural electrification. The development of energy-efficient appliances takes Fosera beyond its full range of lighting products to include ceiling fan, radio, television and many external devices such as mobile phones and laptops that can be charged as well. With their modular design battery packs, Fosera systems can be linked together as energy demand grows. Up to 4 batteries can be linked efficiently in one system.

Fosera systems allow Plug & Play installation, so no technical skills are required. Solar modules, loads or extensions are connected intuitively.

Fosera uses high quality components that ensure a long and maintenance-free product lifetime. With a battery life of up to 10 years, the LiFePO4 battery lasts up to 6 times longer than lead-acid batteries. Our LED lights have a lifetime of more than 50.000 hours without significant reduction in brightness.

Moreover, Fosera systems can also come with Pay-As-You-Go integration, making our technology accessible to a much larger end-user base and as such triggering new opportunities. Eager to provide the best appliances, our engineers are constantly expanding the product range as well as improving the technical specifications of existing products.