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Green Impact Technologies is a Distributor.

Green Impact Technologies is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 

To accelerate innovations and solutions that improve the livelihoods of low-income communities by providing access to transformative technologies.

Lilongwe, Malawi


Joyce Sikwese

East and Central Africa

Green Impact Technologies offers several unique products and services that set them apart in the alternative energy market in Malawi. One notable aspect is their pay-as-you-go financing model for their solar home systems, solar water pumps, and solar fridges.

The pay-as-you-go model allows customers, especially those at the base of the pyramid with limited upfront capital, to access these clean energy solutions through affordable installment payments. Instead of paying the full cost upfront, customers can pay in small increments over time, making the products more accessible and inclusive.

This financing model is particularly innovative in the context of Malawi, where many households may find it challenging to afford the initial investment required for solar systems or other alternative energy products. By breaking down the payments into manageable installments, Green Impact Technologies is democratizing access to clean energy and empowering low-income communities to transition away from traditional energy sources.

In addition to the pay-as-you-go financing, Green Impact Technologies’ product offerings stand out for their focus on sustainability and environmental conservation. Their organic fertilizers, for instance, promote sustainable agricultural practices, contributing to food security while minimizing the negative impacts often associated with synthetic fertilizers.

Furthermore, their provision of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and biogas as an alternative to traditional biomass fuels (charcoal, firewood) can help reduce deforestation and indoor air pollution, addressing both environmental and health concerns.

By combining innovative financing models with a diverse range of alternative energy products and services tailored to the needs of both urban and rural communities, Green Impact Technologies is positioning itself as a unique and impactful player in the sustainable energy landscape of Malawi.

Green Impact Technologies is contributing to universal energy access in Malawi by providing alternative energy solutions that are accessible and affordable to both low-income households (the base of the pyramid) and urban households and institutions. Some key ways they are contributing include:

Solar home systems: Offering solar-powered energy systems for households that do not have access to the electricity grid or reliable power supply.

Solar water pumps: Providing solar-powered water pumping solutions, valuable in rural areas without access to grid electricity, and replacing diesel-powered pumps.

Organic fertilizer: Promoting sustainable agricultural practices by providing organic fertilizers, which can help improve food security.

Solar fridges: Offering solar-powered refrigeration units that are useful for food storage and preservation, especially in areas without reliable electricity.

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG): Providing an alternative to traditional biomass fuels (e.g., charcoal, firewood) for cooking, which contributes to reducing deforestation and indoor air pollution.

What stands out about Green Impact Technologies is their focus on providing a range of alternative energy solutions that cater to both urban and rural populations, including those at the base of the pyramid (low-income households). By offering affordable and sustainable energy products and services through a pay as you go business model, they are helping to bridge the energy access gap in Malawi, contributing to improved living standards, economic development, and environmental sustainability.

Access to industry best practices and market intelligence from GOGLA can help Green Impact Technologies stay informed about emerging trends, technologies, and business models to drive innovation and growth. GOGLA’s networking opportunities enable potential partnerships, collaborations, and knowledge-sharing with like-minded organizations for greater impact.

Advocacy efforts by GOGLA can support favorable policies and regulations for off-grid solar companies like Green Impact Technologies to operate more effectively. GOGLA’s work with investors and financial institutions can facilitate access to funding sources and investment opportunities to scale operations and solutions.

Alignment with GOGLA’s quality standards and consumer protection guidelines can build trust and credibility for Green Impact Technologies’ products and services. Additionally, GOGLA’s research and data collection provide valuable market insights and consumer understanding to inform product development, marketing strategies, and customer outreach.

By leveraging GOGLA’s resources, networks, advocacy, and industry expertise, Green Impact Technologies can benefit from collective support, knowledge sharing, and a stronger voice in accelerating universal energy access in Malawi and beyond.