Green Scene Energy PLC

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Our mission is to empower the Ethiopian population living off the grid through access to affordable solar energy solutions.

Green Scene Energy is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort.



November 2016

Rekik Bekele

East Africa

We are an Ethiopian private limited company (PLC) availing affordable, high-quality solar-powered electrification to off-grid communities.

Green Scene Energy makes use of the existing telecommunications infrastructure to provide affordable solar to vast numbers of low-income households and small businesses. In this way, we overcome the barriers of (i) limited (or absent) grid access, (ii) minimal mobile money adoption rates, (iii) prohibitive upfront purchase costs of solar systems, and (iv) limited physical access to settlements and institutions such as banks and micro financiers.

Green Scene’s IoT/M2M Mobile Solar Solutions unique partnership agreement with the national telecom operator drastically increases and accelerates the availability and affordability of PAYGO-enabled solar solutions through leveraging the telecom existing infrastructure and logistics network across Ethiopia.

We are actively looking for investors and partners who share our aim of empowering millions of Ethiopian Offgrid people through end-user financing for affordable electricity access. Therefore, we expect our GOGLA membership to accelerate and help us achieve Green Scene’s investment and investment readiness journey.

This could be achieved through great opportunities to network and experience exchange from other solar PAYGo companies since it’s still new to Ethiopia and increase our visibility in the off-grid sector.