Harness Energy

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To provide affordable clean energy to low-income Pakistanis and play a leading role in helping Pakistan achieve SDG 7.



Muhammad Shehryar

South Asia

Our work focuses on smaller solar systems (<400Wp) which means provision of Tier 2 and 3 energy access. Almost all our customers fall in the bottom half of Pakistan’s income distribution. We believe we have developed the most scalable business model for off-grid solar in Pakistan where we have efficiently integrated procurement, installation, and after-sale service while outsourcing all consumer financing to MFIs. In commercial off-grid solar programs, our market share has remained above 60% in the last 2 years.

We attended the GOGLA Expo in Kigali this year and it was the best networking and fundraising experience ever since our inception back in 2016. It was then that we decided that we wanted to become a permanent and more active part of GOGLA. Pakistan – despite being a huge market – is quite under-represented in energy access discourse so our main goal is to present data and opportunities from here to the wider GOGLA community. We are also looking forward to engaging with investors in the community, especially those focused on South Asia.