Inclusive Energy

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Inclusive Energy makes remote monitoring hardware and data analytics software for off-grid energy companies. We help our partners to use data to i) increase energy service quality for their customers, ii) reduce OPEX, iii) create quality carbon credits.

Our mission is to support small to medium sized energy access companies, helping them to deliver quality energy services to their customers. We believe that 1000s of scaled up off-grid energy companies are needed to tackle the energy access challenge, not just a handful of large companies.

UK and India


Vijay Bhopal


Our focus on live data and the value it brings sets us apart from most others in the market. Since 2018 we have been developing internet connected remote monitoring solutions, to help energy companies increase quality of service, lower their operational costs, and tap into the carbon markets. Our solutions are perfect for PURE applications.

We are already working with 70 off-grid energy companies across the globe. We work as a technology partners, helping them to become data-driven ‘energy as a service’ companies.

GOGLA is a great network for the sector and we’re proud to be a part of it, alongside other mission-driven organisations that have chosen to squarely focus on energy access.