Inclusive Energy

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Our mission is to speed up global clean energy access, mitigating and monetising carbon in the process.

Inclusive Energy is a manufacturer of remote monitoring and analytics products designed to empower 1000’s of poorly supported off-grid energy companies operating in economically developing nations.


London & Edinburgh (UK) + Bangalore (India)


Vijay Bhopal


Through our experiences of growing up and working in Africa and Asia, we have seen the unharnessed potential of local entrepreneurs firsthand. We believe that the route to scale is from the bottom up. We must empower 1000s of local companies, many of whom already exist.

Our approach to this is to provide local energy entrepreneurs with the technology (remote monitoring + software platforms) they require to grow.


GOGLA must use its position to reach out more deeply into energy markets, beyond the ‘famous few’ and attempt to support the ecosystems that 1000s of organisations benefit from as we collectively attempt to achieve SDG7.