Irri-Hub Ke

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Irri-Hub Ke is a Distributor.

Irri-Hub Ke is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. 

Our mission is to provide affordable farming solutions that help smallholder farmers in Africa to increase yield and predictability of produce.

Nairobi, Kenya


Eric Onchonga

East Africa

We offer drip irrigation systems, solar pumps, rain water harvesting systems bundled up with agronomy support and ongoing customer support. What sets them apart is the ease of use by farmers and the scalability they provide when a farmer needs to expand.

We are leveraging technology to provide affordable solar irrigation solutions to smallholders in Africa. What stands out is the ability to provide full stack services including market connection and financing making it easier for our farmers to adopt the systems.

Access to Networks and Partnerships: GOGLA can provide us access to a wide network of industry players, investors, and stakeholders which can unlock opportunities for partnerships, collaborations, and access to new markets.