Kambascao Technolgies LTD

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Our mission is to improve customers’ quality of life in rural communities through the provision of affordable, environmentally friendly, inclusive, and sustainable energy solutions.

Kambasco Technologies is part of GOGLA’s ELEVATE cohort. Their member profile is coming soon. 


Kampala, Uganda


Kalyango Kintu Muhammad and Bate Siraje

East Africa

KAMBASCO Technologies Ltd is a Ugandan-owned renewable energy and technology social enterprise that aims to bridge the gap between finance and required economic development in hard-to-reach communities and related components at affordable prices to both poor and rich households in Peri-urban areas and hard to reach areas.
The company works with village savings and loan associations to develop business hubs and provide consumers with affordable finance for the purchase of solar products and services.

GOGLA can help with facilitation on marketing, project finance application consultancies fee, and inventory finance sourcing.