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Goodbook Investments Limited trading as Kumusha Power has been in the business of the distribution of consumer electronics, digital video, and digital audio products since 2010, working with global brands such as Toshiba, Kramer, and TOA Electronics. During this time the Company has imported and sold thousands of domestic appliances annually through large retail chains and sophisticated credit and payroll lending organisations. In 2019, under the trading name Kumusha Power, the Company added d.light Solar Home Systems (SHS) to its portfolio with the intention of developing a specific business model for distributing these products using its established network of Retail Distributors and Strategic Partners.  d.light is a United States Solar Home System manufacturer with primary markets in emerging economies and has become a market leader in rural India and East Africa. Kumusha Power has secured an exclusive license to distribute d.light products in Zimbabwe.  With additional recent financial support from the AECF, the business model means the Company is poised to become the leading distributor of domestic PayGo mini Solar Home Systems in Zimbabwe and help improve the lives of millions of Zimbabweans through the provision of clean, affordable and reliable energy.