KYA-Energy Group

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KYA-Energy Group is a Togolese solar company, created in 2015 and specializing in renewable energies (solar energy in particular) and energy efficiency. It aims at tackling electrification issues within West Africa and beyond, by using affordable and innovative solar energy systems. In order to carry out its activities, the company currently has 35 permanent staff and it is divided into four main entities set out below:

  • KYA-Energy Industry: Responsible for assembly and commercialization of stand-alone energy systems. This is the main activity and the core business of our group. The entity focuses mainly on the assembly of compact, mobile and multifunctional solar home and business systems (SHBS) called KYA-SoP. KYA-SoP Units are used for both households and productive use. They are also used in urban and rural areas. The KYA-SoP product wonBOAD (West Africa Development Bank)prize for “Best Innovative Product from the West Africa Region”, in 2018.
  • KYA-Energy Engineering and services: Develops the engineering, control and monitoring of energy infrastructures and systems
  • KYA-Energy Institute: Offers training courses for solar professionals and dedicated companies
  • KYA-Energy Laboratory: Conducts research and development (R&D) activities