M-KOPA Solar

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M-KOPA is the world’s leading ‘pay-as-you-go’ energy provider to off grid homes. We have developed a better way to provide affordable, safe and clean energy to millions of people living off the grid.

M-KOPA has powered over 330,000 homes across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Thanks to the sun’s rays and mobile technology, they now have lights, phone charging and radio. All this at the flick of a switch and for less than they used to spend on kerosene.

M-KOPA offers an affordable annual mobile money payment plan – with a deposit of $35, followed by 365 daily payments of 50 cents. M-KOPA has sold over 50,000 upgrades to customers who have completed their annual payment plans. These include more lights, solar TVs, energy-efficient cooking stoves, internet-enabled smartphones, and water storage tanks.

M-KOPA households enjoy over 41.2 million hours of kerosene-free lighting every month. They make combined projected savings of USD 247.5 million over four years.

M-KOPA emerged boldest at the 2016 Financial Times ArcelorMittal – Boldness In Business Awards in the developing markets category. In 2015, M-KOPA was the winner of the prestigious Zayed Future Energy Prize and was recognized by Fortune Magazine as one of 50 companies changing the world.